Project interview Verpoorten GmbH & Co. KG

Sector: Liquors
Turnover:  around € 50 million

Optimization measures :

  • Optimization of existing wages and implementation in the HR system
  • Optimization of a special payment
  • Increase of employer attractiveness and employee retention
  • Support for internal communication

Reference interview with Mr. Andreas Wiedemann, Human Resources Manager and Head of Financial Accounting at Verpoorten GmbH & Co.KG

Can you briefly describe in your own words what the aim of the project was?

Wiedemann: First the information of all employees, then the generation of mutual savings, i.e. more net wages for the employees and savings in social security contributions for the employer. The next goal was to convince as many employees as possible in group and personal discussions and to implement the project quickly. In addition, Kloepfel Personalmanagement supported us in implementing an optimized special payment for our employees.

Were you skeptical or rather open-minded at the beginning of the project?

Wiedemann: I was rather open-minded because I had been interested in this topic for a long time. We have already collected information in the past and have also discussed such projects internally, but an implementation was only made by Kloepfel Personalmanagement. I always see it very positively when one can generate improvements for the employees.

What were the biggest challenges at the beginning of the project?

Wiedemann: First of all we had to make persuasion and eliminate initial rejections. When it comes to change, people are often a little skeptical, that was the main task in the beginning. You have to explain to your employees that you take something away from them at first, but in the end you get more net income for them. This was not so easy at the beginning, but worked out very well over time.

To what extent does the optimization have a lasting effect on your employer attractiveness and employee retention?

Wiedemann: Certainly very positive, as we as an employer show that our employees are very important to us and that the focus is not only on the other operational processes.

How would you describe the operating principles of the Kloepfel project team?

Wiedemann: Clear, structured, informative and very supportive.

Joint project success is also always person-dependent. We are talking about being temporary colleagues in the projects. How was your feeling?

Wiedemann: I can totally agree with that. I also have the feeling that despite the completed project we can continue to address Kloepfel Personalmanagement as a contact partner, which I can certainly imagine.

What is your conclusion after the end of the project?

Wiedemann: From start to finish, Kloepfel Personalmanagement’s contact persons and internal tax consultants provided perfect support. The positive aspects for both parties – employer and employee – must also be mentioned.

Would you recommend Kloepfel Personalmanagement?

Wiedemann: Unlimited yes!