Name change of Kloepfel Personalmanagement GmbH to Kloepfel HR Solutions GmbH

  • New brand identity
  • Expansion of the management team
  • Concise presentation of the diverse HR competence
  • New office in the heart of Berlin

The success story of Kloepfel Personalmanagement continues under a new name:
Since March 1, 2018, Kloepfel Personalmanagement GmbH has been appearing with a new company name and brand image. The change of name to Kloepfel HR Solutions GmbH is intended to express the diverse expertise in the field of HR consulting more succinctly. The core business of the company continues to be labor cost optimization, with which significant and sustainable savings in wages and salaries can be achieved. In the spirit of the Kloepfel Group, which has committed itself to the holistic cost reduction of its customers, the experts at Kloepfel HR Solutions can significantly relieve the salary budgets of its customers through individual solutions. But an optimized representation can also uncover potential on the employee side, which ultimately means cash for the employees.

The renaming to Kloepfel HR Solutions is intended to pay tribute to the increased market demand for integrated HR concepts. In addition to wage cost optimization, other HR competencies were already introduced and processes optimized at some customers last year. The name was changed in order to take more account of this development and so to emphasize the broadly set up portfolio better. Thus, the digitization of HR processes and structures is another business field in which Kloepfel HR Solutions supports its customers in word and deed. Human resources departments still have a lot of catching up to do when it comes to using digital opportunities, such as payroll accounting, recording working hours or applicant management. But many companies can also realize “offline” improvements in the HR area through optimized structures and processes, and the topics of employer branding and data protection are also to be increasingly put on the agenda of customers in the future.

Since the beginning of the year, Kloepfel HR Solutions can rely on the professional competence and know-how of Baris Bekar as the new Head of Operations in the implementation of these ambitious goals. From his previous career in the banking sector, the graduate economist has a sound knowledge of the structure and development of business processes and will thus contribute to the success story of Kloepfel HR Solutions as part of the management team.

In January, Kloepfel HR Solutions also opened a new additional office in the heart of Berlin. With the office at Stralauer Allee 2a, customers from this area can now be advised even faster and more efficiently.

Managing Director Carsten Reetz comments on the goals and visions for 2018 as follows: “In the short term, the expansion of our products, in addition to wage cost optimization through efficient structures, is a main focus in order to be optimally prepared for the next steps. The next step is to push ahead with the networking of these products so that we can continue to actively support our customers. In the long term, of course, we are striving for further healthy growth so that Kloepfel Personalmanagement can continue on its successful path under the new name HR Solutions. Baris is supposed to play an important role in this, which is why I am glad that he has been supporting us since the beginning of this year.”

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