Interview: Kloepfel Personalmanagement is now called Kloepfel HR Solutions

Baris Bekar and Carsten Reetz

Düsseldorf, 01.03.2018. New name, new office, new staff. A lot is currently happening at Kloepfel Personalmanagement. In an interview, led by Marie Sonntag, Carsten Reetz, Managing Director of Kloepfel HR Solutions, which was renamed on March 1, and Baris Bekar, the new Head of Operations, explain exactly what is behind the renaming, what goals will be pursued in the future and how these are to be achieved. They will also discuss the opening of a new office in the heart of Berlin at the beginning of the year.

Mr. Reetz, from now on Kloepfel Personalmanagement will operate under the new name Kloepfel HR Solutions. Quite a big change, isn’t it? What are the reasons for the renaming?

Reetz: On the one hand, this is certainly a far-reaching change, after all the name of a company is the most important distinguishing feature. Especially as we have already made a name for ourselves with many customers and partners under our old company name. On the other hand, a lot remains the same: Wage cost optimization and its advantages for employers and employees will remain our core competence, our existing and perhaps customers in the future can rely on it. This enables us to save the employer an average of more than 1,000 euros per year and employee in terms of labor costs. With the renaming to Kloepfel HR Solutions we want to pay tribute to the increased demand of the market for integrated HR concepts. Last year, we also introduced further HR competencies and optimized processes at some customers, in addition to wage cost optimization. We now want to take this development into account by changing our company name to better reflect our broad portfolio.

Can you explain that in more detail?

Reetz: In our daily work, we have increasingly identified that there is a high demand for solution-oriented advice, especially in the area of HR digitization. A good example here is a digital solution regarding payroll processes. But in general, the entire HR administration can be digitized and thus made more efficient. In 2017, for example, we digitized time recording, travel cost topics and also complex areas such as applicant management for one of our customers. These issues are not yet treated up-to-date in many companies. As a consequence, we have been actively approached by customers on our projects if we can also help in these areas.

Bekar: But there is enormous potential for more than just digitalization. Even “offline” improvements in HR can be implemented at many companies, as we have noted. Thanks to optimized structures and processes, significant savings can also be achieved. That’s why holistic HR cost reduction is an additional field on which we continue to offer competent advice. In addition, we want to promote the topic of employer branding more on our customers’ agenda. Thereby, the focus should stay on our core competence in the area of wages and salary.

Where do you think does this demand come from?

Reetz: This is primarily due to the current disruptive changes in HR. Due to a lack of specialist and demographic change, it is becoming increasingly difficult for employers to find suitable employees who fit to the mentality as well as to the skills of the company. In addition, studies repeatedly show that a change in employees’ interests can be observed, especially in generation Y. Desires for freedom and self-realization are playing an increasingly important role in the search for an employer.

Companies that want to keep up with the times have to focus more on the satisfaction of their employees. Kloepfel HR Solutions helps to increase employer attractiveness sustainably and as cost-effectively as possible. Because in addition to employee retention, controlling personnel costs is a decisive challenge for companies in the future. We can reconcile both approaches with the help of labor cost optimization by generating lower labor costs for the employer and a higher net salary for the employee using tax-privileged labor modules.

Bekar: The general data protection regulation, which will come into force in May, is another topic that our customers actively address. But only the fewest have the far-reaching changes fully in view. The new regulation affects many HR areas, such as candidate management. The correct handling of sensitive data, such as the storage of personal documents, is more important than ever. Even here we can prepare our customers for the challenges of the 21st century with professional expertise and experience.

What are your goals and visions for 2018 and the next years with Kloepfel HR Solutions?

Reetz: In the short term, the expansion of our products, in addition to wage cost optimization through efficient structures, is a main focus in order to be optimally prepared for the next steps. The next step is to push ahead with the networking of these products so that we can continue to actively support our customers. In the long term, of course, we are striving for further healthy growth so that Kloepfel Personalmanagement can continue on its successful path under the new name HR Solutions. Baris is supposed to play an important role in this, which is why I am glad that he has been supporting us since the beginning of this year.

Mr. Bekar, are you able to outline in just a few words your area of responsibility as well as your career and how you became aware of Kloepfel HR Solutions?

Bekar: I am responsible for procedural progress and project management issues. The aim is to set up Kloepfel HR Solutions in such a way that we can grow fast and healthy – with appropriate structures that promote and secure everything. I studied Business Administration with a specialization in Corporate Finance. My previous career took place mainly in the banking environment, where I was involved in migration processes of bought-up financial institutions, which helps me a lot in building up the new online and offline structures. The reason why I changed now to the management consultancy and especially to Kloepfel HR Solutions is that I like to get involved into new topics, I am convinced by the business model and I had the feeling to learn a lot and to be able to advance my career right from the beginning. The short decision paths also play into my hands and give me the feeling that I can really effect something.

What makes you optimistic that these goals can be achieved?

Bekar:I daily see how focused and motivated we are in working on these goals. This, combined with the high demand on the market for our services, makes us very positive. But no gain without pain, that is the basic structure, especially in consulting.

In January, Kloepfel HR Solutions also opened a new additional office in Berlin. What is the motivation behind this step?

Reetz:In the course of our planned growth, the question of spatial expansion also arose. With our new office in Berlin, we now have the opportunity to advise customers from this region even faster and more efficiently, which is also an advantage with regard to our new product range. We can also further expand our close partnership with our affiliate Kloepfel Recruiting through the proximity in the same building.

What is your first impression of the new office?

The new office building in Berlin at Stralauer Allee

Reetz: Absolutely positive. There is a magic in every beginning and in this case this is as well entirely true. Together with all employees from Düsseldorf, we visited the new office and captured the atmosphere there. The feedback from our employees spoke for itself and confirmed me in this far-reaching decision.

Bekar: In addition, we are only 20 minutes away from the Federal Chancellery by taxi, so if Mrs. Merkel would like to have more net from the gross, we would be happy to help and advise her. (laughs)